What differentiates euroAtlantic from its competitors in the aircraft leasing and aircraft charter business is euroAtlantic’s goal to always do our utmost to provide our Clients around-the-world with the best tools for their successful operations in terms of well maintained aircraft, highly professional and caring staff, on-time services. It’s never too much to stress that we at euroAtlantic realize that our success stems unequivocally from our Customer’s success, therefore we are totally dedicated to our Clients’ successful venture.

We provide the following passenger services:

ACMI – Aircraft Crew Maintenance Insurance


Through euroAtlantic’s ACMI – Wet Leasing Services, Clients (the Lessee) will be provided an aircraft ready to be used in accordance with the Customers’ specific needs. euroAtlantic (the Lessor) will be responsible for providing the Aircraft, required Crew, any related Maintenance costs required to maintain the aircraft in tip-top condition, as well as for the Aircrafts Insurance coverage (Hull).

All other costs such as fuel, passenger and/or cargo insurance coverage, passenger and/or cargo Ground Handling costs (check-in, loading and off loading costs), over-flight permits costs, catering costs, airport permit costs, crew accommodation costs, etc., will be the responsibility of the Client (Lessee).

When Customers do not require any support or crew services, needing simply an aircraft only for long term lease (minimum 1-3 years), we may look into the possibility of negotiating a Dry Lease Agreement.

With euroAtlantic’s Dry Lease Agreement, clients will be responsible for all costs other than costs related to any major checks and required servicing that the aircraft needs, such as an engine overhaul, a landing gear overhaul and/or a D-Check. All other costs such as routine maintenance that the aircraft requires (this maintenance includes all minor checks such as A, B and C Checks) and operating costs in addition to required personnel costs, insurance, as well as any other measures to keep the aircraft in tip-top condition will be the responsibility of Customer.

All aircrafts incorporated in euroAtlantic’s fleet are kept in excellent condition so as to provide our Customers with the most well maintained and reliable aircrafts available in the aviation market.

Since not all flights are done on a regular basis or can be planned for an extended period of time, euroAtlantic’s Air Leasing Services also gives our Customers the possibility of Ad-Hoc Leasing.
With our Ad-Hoc Leasing Services, we are able to provide our clients with aircrafts on an extreme short term lease for operations requiring specifically the lease of an aircraft for a small number of flights, usually 2-5 operations.

Although the costs incurred on the part of euroAtlantic’s are higher for these types of leases than are for longer termed contracts, euroAtlantic still strive to provide the most competitive rates to help insure the operations success for our clients.

More than a decade of accumulated knowledge and experience in the aircraft leasing industry have geared euroAtlantic Airways into the privileged position to provide Clients with the most reliable, on time, highest professional standards of service and cost-efficient charter aircraft agreements in the aviation charter market segment.

euroAtlantic’s Charter Agreement provides the Customer with aircraft on a ready to flight basis covering all costs involved in performing the flights, i.e. Aircraft, Crew, Maintenance, Insurance, fuel, passenger and/or cargo Ground Handling (loading and off loading costs), over-flight permit costs, airport permit costs, catering costs, costs of hotel accommodation for the crew, and all other operating costs including liability insurance for the aircraft.

With over a decade of industry experience euroAtlantic’s Consulting Services is available to provide our Customers a wide range of aviation support services. Our expertise and hands-on knowledge of virtually every facet involved within the airline industry places us in a privileged position to provide customized solutions to fit our clients’ needs.

Please contact us at  euroAtlantic Consulting Services

euroAtlantic airways has a new service: line maintenance – with the requirements of EASA Part 145 “Approved Maintenance Organization (AMO) and other regulations issued by the National Aviation Authority (INAC – National Institute of Civil Aviation) and the European Agency Safety Aviation (EASA).

Our company is approved for line maintenance with the number PT.145.027 by EASA – Part 145 Maintenance Organization – by the Portuguese authorities.

The doctrine and the procedures are applicable to all maintenance work performed on aircrafts operated by EAA.

The same procedures will be followed in the event of performing maintenance to other operators. Our actions seek to comply with the national and international regulation, as well as its legislation. Our company provides customers with high quality service of aircraft maintenance.






A1 Aircrafts with total weight above 5700 Kg

B757-200 Series (RR RB211)
B777-200 Series (RR RB211 Trent 800)
B767-300 Series (PW4000) (GE CF6-80)


View the PDF of the EASA PART 145 Approval Certificate


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